Feb 19, 2022 Connected Software is shutting down on Sep 30, 2022. See the announcement.

Activate Your Software

This page will allow you to manually activate your product when you don't have an Internet connection or when you have problems with your firewall.

Address Magic Personal users should download the free update instead.
ePreserver users should download free update instead.

Epicenter Server

  1. Install Epicenter Server on your computer, if you haven't already done so.
  2. From the Help menu in Epicenter Server, select Change License Code. (If you have Build 440 or later, you must hold down Ctrl on the keyboard when you select Change License Code.)
  3. The Enter Key window should open.
  4. Use the information in this window to fill out the appropriate form below.
  5. Click Submit.
Epicenter, Build 440 and later:
Enter Key window

Epicenter, through Build 438:
Enter Key window