What's New

Below is the history of new features and bug fixes in ePreserver.

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Build 439, Version 11.0. Released 2019-06-30

  • New: ePreserver is now freeware.
  • Fixed: ePreserver just exits converting www.aol.com

Build 438, Version 11.0. Released 2018-01-08

  • Fixed: Gmail authentication crashes.
  • Fixed: Yahoo Error: [CLIENTBUG] Additional arguments found after last expected argument.
  • New: Yahoo now supports long folder paths, so support that.
  • Improved: Better handling for "Less Secure Apps" in Yahoo.

Build 434, Version 11.0. Released 2016-11-26

  • Fixed: Crash converting IMAP.

Build 432, Version 11.0. Released 2015-10-31

  • New: Outlook 2016 is supported.
  • Improved: Support nested folders in Outlook.com.
  • Fixed: Reading AOL web contacts fails.
  • Improved: Added support for reading spouse from AOL web contacts.
  • New: Added support for AOL 9.8.

Build 430, Version 11.0. Released 2015-07-28

  • New: Outlook 2016 Preview is supported.
  • Fixed: Reading and writing Gmail contacts are broken.

Build 428, Version 11.0. Released 2015-05-03

  • Fixed: If there's a failure writing a contact to Outlook, the rest of the contacts should still be written.

Build 426, Version 11.0. Released 2014-03-23

  • Fixed: Crash when system has Outlook 2000 installed.
  • Fixed: Crash converting messages from IMAP.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2013 Click-to-Run.
  • New: Added support for converting to Outlook.com.
  • New: Added support for converting more contact fields from www.aol.com.
  • New: Added support for converting messages to/from Outlook 2000.

Build 424, Version 11.0. Released 2013-04-14

  • Fixed: "Keep Separate" does not work for contacts.
  • Improved: Added better error message for "Onload error 3" to tell user what to do.

Build 422, Version 11.0. Released 2013-01-05

  • Fixed: Gmail Error, "Can have at most one primary postal address, found 2"
  • Fixed: ePreserver can miss messages kept on AOL if many errors.
  • Fixed: Rare crash converting to IMAP formats.
  • Fixed: "Error: IMAP connection broken (server response)"
  • New: Icons shown in formats box.
  • New: Added support for Windows 8.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2013.

Build 420, Version 11.0. Released 2012-01-24

  • Improved: Mixed Japanese/English AOL address books convert properly.
  • New: Added support for Yahoo email and address books.
  • Fixed: "Auto-Added" contacts imported from AOL show "undefined" for the display name.
  • Fixed: Crash when converting to Gmail.
  • Fixed: Crash caused by PFC file corruption.
  • Fixed: Error at step 6 reading AOL web address book.
  • Fixed: Error at Step 3 converting AOL webmail address book
  • Fixed: "Sent" email kept on AOL is not moved to "Sent Items" in Outlook.
  • Fixed: ePreserver hangs due to bad data sent from AOL IMAP server.
  • Fixed: Crash converting to HTML or Text.
  • Fixed: Dates from messages pre-1997 convert incorrectly in some AOL PFC files.
  • Fixed: Crash converting 1990s address books stored in AOL PFC files.

Build 418, Version 11.0. Released 2011-10-03

  • Fixed: Conversions from AOL auto-added contacts show "com" as the last name.
  • Fixed: Address books imported from the AOL web site show "undefined" for the name.
  • Fixed: Conversions to Gmail can fail with "Lock is locked".
  • Fixed: "Invalid Parameter" error converting messages to HTML.

Build 416, Version 11.0. Released 2011-08-19

  • Improved: Added button to turn off IMAP errors.
  • Fixed: Duplicate detection not working converting AOL messages to Gmail.
  • Fixed: ePreserver hangs converting some PFC files.
  • New: Added support for creating Gmail hierarchical folders.
  • Fixed: ePreserver fails with "Out of Memory" error.
  • Fixed: Can't create some Japanese folder names in Gmail.
  • Fixed: Some dates fail to convert from email kept on AOL.
  • New: Added support for non-US Gmail default folders, like Sent Items.
  • Fixed: Several crash bugs.
  • Fixed: Unicoded PST folders should overflow at 60k messages, not 15k.
  • Fixed: The AOL email address is lost when importing from AOL Communicator.
  • Fixed: Message conversion from AOL Desktop is broken.

Build 414, Version 10.0. Released 2011-06-17

  • Fixed: "Protocol error" activating the license.
  • Fixed: "Error at Location 0" activating the license.
  • Fixed: Convert mail folders saved on AOL even when AOL hides them.
  • Improved:IMAP disconnects are now automatically retried.
  • Fixed: Converting messages from AOL PFC files can crash.
  • Improved: Converting messages from PFC files is up to twice as fast.
  • New: Added support for reading the AOL address book when the AOL client is not installed.
  • Improved: Added UTF-8 support for message conversions to HTML.
  • Fixed: ePreserver says "not responding" for long periods.
  • Fixed: Duplicate detection is extremely slow with large mailboxes.

Build 412, Version 10.0. Released 2010-11-02

  • Fixed: Forwarded messages can be truncated prematurely.
  • Fixed: Crash converting messages to text format.
  • Improved: HTML messages converted to text now have significantly better formatting.
  • Improved: Conversion to text files is substantially improved.
  • Fixed: Non-English email messages converted to HTML are corrupted.
  • New: A CSV index file is created when converting to html/txt/eml/msg.
  • Fixed: Crash during IMAP conversion.

Build 410, Version 10.0. Released 2010-08-25

  • Fixed: Folder button does not work for Mac destination.
  • Fixed: Groups created in Outlook are not working properly.
  • Fixed: Gmail returns "contains excess whitespace" error when creating a folder.
  • Fixed: Crash converting to IMAP if connection closes unexpectedly.
  • Improved: Added duplicate detection when converting messages to text and html (requires NTFS file system.)
  • Removed support for Windows 2000.
  • For Windows XP, Service Pack 3 is now required
  • Improved: Text files are now written utf-8 to reliably support multiple languages.

Build 408, Version 10.0. Released 2010-03-31

  • Fixed: It's not possible to convert just Favorite Places.
  • Fixed: Extended MAPI DLL loader does not understand Vista UAC.
  • Fixed: IN_PAGE_ERROR while reading a PFC file crashes the application.
  • Fixed: Error 417 uploading contacts to Gmail or Google Apps.
  • Fixed: The "Keep Separate" checkbox in Settings does not work reliably.
  • Fixed: Certain errors can cause the app to disappear with no error message.
  • New: Added support for Google Contacts v3.
  • New: Added support for Outlook 2010 Beta

Build 406, Version 10.0. Released 2009-11-17

  • Fixed: Long folder names in Asian character sets are truncated in Gmail.
  • New: Significantly improved performance of repeated conversion to Gmail by implementing duplicate detection.
  • Fixed: (Regression in 404) Converting to the Mac crashes.
  • Fixed: ePreserver crashes during the initial wizard.
  • New: The columns in the Viewer are now sortable.
  • Improved: The Viewer is now dramatically faster handling large numbers of messages.

Build 404, Version 10.0. Released 2009-10-16

  • New: Added support for converting to separate folders under Settings.
  • New: Added support for AOL Desktop.
  • Fixed: Application disappears converting corrupted PFC file.
  • New: Added AOL Web Email as a specific source.
  • Fixed: ePreserver is routinely "forgetting" customer registration info.

Build 400, Version 9.0. Released 2009-06-16

  • Fixed: TLS/SSL failure for imap.aol.com: Unexpected TCP input disconnect
  • Fixed: Some AOL message headers are not converted
  • Fixed: All products now run with DEP (Data Execution Protection) enabled on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: vCard dates are emitted in the wrong format.
  • Fixed: Categories are not converted to groups when converting to Gmail.
  • New: Added support for duplicate contacts in Gmail.

Build 398, Version 9.0. Released 2008-11-26

  • Fixed: The AOL "Primary E-mail" setting in AOL 9 is ignored.
  • Fixed: When using ePreserver to convert to Gmail, ePreserver will sometimes convert a few emails, then request login credentials, over and over again.
  • Fixed: Folder names with non-US characters would be converted correctly, but status messages would be garbled.
  • Fixed: The AOL nickname field is not being converted.
  • Fixed: When converting AOL messages, bcc recipients enclosed in parentheses are ignored.
  • Fixed: When converting AOL distribution lists, some screen names with spaces are ignored.
  • Fixed: Crash if Outlook 97 is installed.
  • Fixed: Converting messages to Gmail crashes on Windows 2000.
  • Fixed: Crash if dependent DLL is not found.
  • Fixed: App crashes if AOL PFC/ABY file has zero length.
  • Fixed: Some forwarded AOL messages are missing the body.
  • Improved: Messages converted to the Sent Items folder in Gmail no longer show as "To: me".
  • New: Added support for reading LDIF files from AOL Communicator.
  • New: www.aol.com users now have a workaround for converting their address book if AOL 9 isn't installed.
  • Fixed: Converting contacts to Gmail may lose contacts. Caused by a bug in Gmail.
  • Fixed: Apple Address Book cannot import some vCards

Build 394, Version 9.0. Released 2008-09-10

  • Fixed: Email messages converted to Gmail weren't being placed into the default Sent Items folder.
  • New: Address books are now converted directly to Gmail. Distribution lists and postal addresses are now converted correctly. (You must have the .Net 2.0 Framework installed or you'll get a CSV file.)
  • Fixed: When converting the AOL address book, sometimes the first name disappears.
  • New: Added support for converting AOL filing cabinets to Mac Mail under OS X.

Build 392, Version 9.0. Released 2008-06-19

  • Fixed: Gmail doesn't always show as a destination.
  • Fixed: Converting just favorites appears to hang.
  • Fixed: Attachments for Sent Items are not reattached.
  • Fixed: German folder names from AOL may be corrupted when converted.
  • Fixed: ePreserver just disappears during conversion.
  • New: (PLUS) New message folders in Outlook are now created with Unicode names, so (for example) Japanese folder names can be created on English systems. Outlook 2003 and later only.

Build 390, Version 9.0. Released 2008-04-19

  • Fixed: Enabled encryption on IMAP connections under Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: Some messages headers were not converted in one customer's PFC file.
  • Fixed: Message dates in older PFC files are now converted more reliably.
  • New: Added support for converting messages and address books to Gmail.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Duplicate detection of messages is not working properly when converting to Outlook.
  • Fixed: Auto-Added contacts are not being converted.
  • New: Added support for converting messages to HTML format.

Build 388, Version 8.0. Released 2008-02-04

  • Fixed: Hang converting certain damaged PFC files.
  • Fixed: Conversion terminates prematurely if there are any messages in the Favorite Places folder.
  • Fixed: Screen name selection is does not work.

Build 386, Version 8.0. Released 2008-01-02

  • Fixed: Crash under Vista if you try to convert just favorites.
  • Fixed: (PLUS) Crash when converting an invalid message to Outlook Express.
  • Fixed: Cannot convert Messages Saved on AOL if there's no PFC file.
  • Fixed: When converting Messages Saved on AOL, messages in folders that appear alphabetically after "Spam" can go into the wrong folder.

Build 384, Version 8.0. Released 2007-12-13

  • Fixed: Application hangs on registration page on some systems.
  • Fixed: Rare crash converting messages from AOL.
  • Fixed: ePreserver crashes after "Application requires Administrator access" under Vista.

Build 382, Version 8.0. Released 2007-11-29

  • Fixed: (PLUS) Message conversion crashes on certain ill-formed messages.
  • Fixed: Converting to Outlook 2000 IMO crashes.
  • Fixed: Trying to convert only favorites crashes in Build 380.
  • Fixed: Receive "Not a valid PFC file" when opening small ABY files

Build 380, Version 8.0. Released 2007-11-08

  • Improved: Detection of duplicate contacts.
  • Fixed: File named ____++++.+++ causes ePreserver to crash.
  • Fixed: Attachments sometimes are not reattached.
  • Fixed: Attachments are not reattached if the user renamed them when downloaded.
  • Fixed: "Interface not supported" error when opening AOL filing cabinet.

Build 378, Version 8.0. Released 2006-06-21

  • Fixed: Favorites are sometimes converted into the root Favorites directory.
  • Fixed: ePreserver sometimes creates duplicate favorites.
  • Fixed: Can't create groups in Windows Contacts in Vista.
  • Fixed: Contacts written to Windows Contacts have duplicate email addresses.
  • Fixed: ePreserver hangs converting some PFC files with minor corruption.
  • Fixed: Converting message can fail with the error "MapiViewOfFile Failed."
  • Improved: The French translation has been brought up to date. This will appear automatically on systems where the default language is French.

Build 376, Version 8.0. Released 2007-04-26

  • Fixed: Viewer shows dates in GMT instead of local time.
  • Fixed: Folder structure of favorites is not converted correctly.
  • Test fix: The wrong PFC file is sometimes chosen when AOL has been installed multiple times.
  • Fixed: Newlines are sometimes missing from pre-AOL 7 messages converted from AOL.
  • Fixed: Font attributes are sometimes not converted from pre-AOL 7 messages.
  • Fixed: Messages converted from CompuServe can show screen names as coming from aol.com instead of cs.com.
  • Fixed: Help button doesn't work.
  • Fixed: Viewer shows dates in GMT instead of local time.
  • Fixed: Folders converted to Outlook with more than 15,000 messages convert very slowly.

Build 374, Version 8.0. Released 2007-03-01

  • New: Added support for Windows Vista.
  • New: Added support for AOL 9.0 VR (Vista Ready)
  • New: Added support for Windows Contacts in Windows Vista.
  • Fixed: You receive a conversion error at Location 88 if you convert a PFC file with messages in the root folder.
  • Fixed: ePreserver crashes for no obvious reason when converting email saved on AOL.

Build 372, Version 7.0. Released 2006-11-19

  • Fixed: Trying to convert messages saved on AOL with ePreserver yields Authentication Cancelled error.
  • Fixed: Converting email kept on AOL crashes in Win98.

Build 370, Version 7.0. Released 2006-10-23

  • Fixed: Installer won't upgrade an existing installation.

Build 368, Version 7.0. Released 2006-10-11

  • New: Added "ePreserver Recovery Edition" to give consumers a version of the Forensic Edition.
  • Fixed: ePreserver viewer didn't work under Win9x
  • Fixed: Nested favorites folders could end up in the wrong parent folder.

Build 366, Version 7.0. Released 2006-09-14

  • New: Attachments from local filing cabinets (PFC files) are reattached during conversion.
  • Improved: PFC files larger than 1GB are now supported.
  • New: Support for converting AOL filing cabinets that contain more than one screen name.
  • Fixed: Rare problem that caused ePreserver to hang when converting messages.
  • Fixed: Some messages from AOL are incorrectly converted with today's date.
  • Fixed: Some messages converted from AOL are blank.
  • New: Created an evaluation version of ePreserver. The evaluation version is the same distribution file as the commercial version.
  • New: Switched to an MSI installer in preparation for Windows Vista.
  • New: ePreserver now requires activation, during which the software communicates with the Connected Software licensing server. The License Agreement has been updated to reflect this change.

Build 362, Version 6.0.0. Released 2006-03-23

  • Fixed: Some AOL messages with accented and Japanese characters would not convert properly.
  • Fixed: AOL messages that had been forwarded or replied to could have stale header information (from/to/cc/subject) after conversion.

Build 360, Version 6.0.0. Released 2006-02-28

  • Fixed: Messages may not be put into Inbox or Sent Items when converting to Outlook.
  • Fixed: Distribution lists are sometimes migrated with deleted members.
  • New: Created ePreserver Forensic Edition for reading deleted messages and contacts from AOL filing cabinets. This is a separate product and not an upgrade.

Build 358, Version 6.0.0. Released 2006-01-12

  • Fixed: Hang caused by incorrectly processing picture data in HTML messages.
  • Fixed: Pictures in certain HTML messages do not convert.
  • Fixed: Some messages from older versions of AOL convert with the wrong time of day.
  • Fixed: Regression in Build 357 causes ePreserver to crash on Windows NT and Windows 2000.
  • Improved: Detection of duplicate messages has been completely rewritten to be more accurate and predictable.

Build 357, Version 6.0.0. Released 2005-12-13

  • Fixed: Most causes of the error "some screen names are in use."
  • Fixed: Rare case of ePreserver hanging when reading messages.
  • Fixed: Windows keeps asking whether to run the software, even after installation.
  • New: Support for reading Japanese filing cabinets.

Build 351, Version 5.0.0. Released 2005-07-07

  • Fixed rare crash reading AOL address books.
  • ePreserver now uses the currently identity when converting messages to Outlook Express. This makes messages work the same as the address book.

Build 349, Version 5.0.0. Released 2005-03-01

  • Fixed crash with AOL distribution lists surrounded by parentheses.
  • Fixed (hopefully once and for all) problems handling AOL screen names with spaces.
  • Fixed some minor issues with domain names when converting CompuServe or Wal-Mart Connect.
  • Fixed choosing a PFC file, which didn't work in Build 347.

Build 347, Version 5.0.0. Released 2005-02-09

  • Fixed bug where screen names with spaces would produce invalid email addresses.
  • Added support for CompuServe and Wal-Mart Connect.
  • Fixed conversion of German and certain other European characters into Outlook.
  • Made conversion of message dates more reliable for Sent Items folder and messages from old PFC files.

Build 343, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-12-06

  • Significantly improved support for messages with letters from outside the US.
  • Added initial support for AOL .art images and attachments. Requires that .ART support be installed with Internet Explorer to work properly.
  • Fixed problem where part of the body of forwarded messages could be ignored.
  • Fixed problem with messages that would unexpectedly show up including dozens of > and   strings.
  • Fixed crash seen in certain messages with HTML IMG attribute.

Build 341, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-11-10

  • Fixed crash in Build 339 writing Outlook 97.
  • Fixed hang reading certain AOL address books.

Build 339, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-10-20

  • Fixed problem where numbers would sometimes show up instead of contact names for some contacts.
  • Fixed problem where auto-added contacts shouldn't have been ignored if they appear in a distribution list.
  • Fixed bug where some contacts may not transfer.
  • Fixed error accessing Microsoft Outlook that showed up as, "Your Outlook message store could not be opened."
  • Fixed bug where no screen name would show up if multiple versions of AOL 9 had been installed.
  • Fixed problems converting AOL 5 messages that were plain text. The text was being interpreted as HTML and newlines were being lost.

Build 337, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-08-30

  • Fixed bug reading AOL address books where some contacts were ignored that shouldn't have been.
  • Fixed hang reading certain corrupt AOL email files.

Build 336, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-08-17

  • Added support for remembering which messages were already imported to prevent duplicates if ePreserver is run more than once.
  • Changed default behavior to ignore duplicate contacts.
  • Added Settings dialog to control duplicate handling and auto-added contacts handling.
  • Rewrote support for writing messages to Outlook Express to make more robust and add support for nested folders.
  • Fixed handling of non-breaking spaces in messages.
  • Attempted a fix for "File not found" error.

Build 334, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-08-02

  • Fixed crash parsing RFC822 addresses with no closing angle bracket.
  • Fixed more problems converting AOL PFC email files.
  • Fixed crash in the case where no filename is defined for an embedded image in an email message.
  • Fixed "no messages found" bug.

Build 331, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-07-18

  • Fixed problem where duplicates could be created when copying address book.
  • Fixed crash encountered when converting nested email folders from email stored on the local PC.
  • Fixed crash caused by converting email that contains nothing but a picture.
  • Reworked handling of embedded images to improve success rate.
  • Fixed hang when the "Starting Outlook Express" message is displayed.
  • Fixed crash converting certain messages over 100KB.
  • Fixed crash when converting address books where an email address had "mailto:" prepended.
  • Fixed hang on uninstall if Norton Antivirus is also installed.

Build 329, Version 4.0.0. Released 2004-06-22

  • Product renamed from SaveMyFavorites to ePreserver
  • Added support for all European and North American languages.
  • Added support for converting email, including embedded images.
  • Added support for selecting a screen name.
  • Added support for offline operation so you can run ePreserver even if you no longer subscribe to AOL.

Build 323, Version 3.0.0. Released 2004-03-08

  • Added install/uninstall options to simplify usage for users who click Open when downloading.
  • Fixed problem where PFC files couldn't be manually selected.
  • Changed conversion strategy to increase performance, reliability, and support for more international versions of AOL.

Build 320, Version 1.1.0. Released 2003-10-28

  • Improved automated control of AOL interface.
  • Improved behavior on non-English computers.

Build 316, Version 1.0.1. Released 2003-05-29

  • Added support for AOL 9.

Build 315, Version 1.0.0. Released 2003-09-28

  • First public release.