Error: You do not have privileges to open the mailbox for ...
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(Applies to: Epicenter Server)

Problem: When you send an update, you receive the error, "You do not have privileges to open the mailbox for ..."

Solution #1: If this error is happening for ALL users:

Set your mailbox permissions according to the instructions in:

Solution #2: If this problem is happening for only SOME users:

The problem is most likely caused by incorrectly configured Full Access permissions.

Try to open the mailbox of a failing mailbox in Outlook by by following the instructions in:

If this test FAILS, then please follow the instructions for configuring permissions:

If this test SUCCEEDS, then update the settings under Tools | Exchange Privileges.

In rare instances where you are using Full Access privileges, Epicenter's mailbox may be denied Full Access privileges to certain mailboxes. You can test this using Exchange Power Shell. For example, this command line demonstrates how to check the permissions of user "administrator" against mailbox "msimpson". You can see that Deny is "True", which means that the Full Access permission won't work even if it's set.

[PS] C:\>get-MailboxPermission -identity msimpson -User administrator | fl
AccessRights : {FullAccess}
Deny : True
InheritanceType : All
User : MyDOM\Administrator
Identity : Simpson
IsInherited : True
IsValid : True
ObjectState : Unchanged


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