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Remove all contacts not in category
Posted by - NA -, Last modified by Jim Beveridge on 18 September 2012 04:42 PM

Fixup.vbs script for Epicenter so that only contacts from a certain category will be distributed.

Make sure you Save the file, don't Run it.

Here is the content of the file:

' Sample script for Epicenter from Connected Software.
' Demonstrates how to remove all contacts that are not
' members of one or more categories.
' This script must be named fixup.vbs and should be
' placed in the same directory as Epicenter Server.exe.

Option Explicit

Dim c
Dim prop
Dim cats

for each c in Contacts

 ' If you want to use this script for the Exchange GAL,
 ' you must use a field other than Categories because
 ' Categories is not supported by Exchange. If you can
 ' set the custom fields, then you can use "User1", "User2",
 ' "User3" and "User4" to access the first four custom fields
 ' in Exchange.

prop = c.GetProperty("Categories")
 cats = Split(prop, ";")

 Dim keep
 keep = 0

 Dim cat
 for each cat in cats
   ' TODO: Change "Friend" to be the name of the category to keep.
   if cat = "Friend" then keep = 1
   ' If you want other categories to be kept, add more "if"
   ' statements below.  For example:
   ' if cat = "Customer" then keep = 1

 if keep <> 1 then c.Remove




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