Error: Unable to open the mailbox: Reason: Unspecified error. Support Info: ecNoReadRight
Posted by Jim Beveridge, Last modified by Joyce Elder on 14 April 2020 06:22 PM

(Applies to: Epicenter Server)

Symptom: You receive an error message in Epicenter Server similar to this:

12/16/15 09:57:33 [Global Address List] Unable to open the mailbox for Xxxx Yyyyy <>. Reason: Unspecified error . Support Info: ecNoReadRight

Most often seen with Outlook 2010 and Outlook 2013 on Office 365.

Cause: Usually caused by Outlook using the HttpMapi protocol.


Please check the following. These instructions only apply to Office 365 and other Hosted Exchange environments. This error typically does not happen with dedicated Exchange Servers.

  • Make sure you can open a remote mailbox in Outlook using the instructions on this page.

    If you can't open it, then follow the instructions above to configure Full Access to mailboxes.

  • Look in Tools | Exchange Privileges and make sure it's set to Epicenter has privileges that Exchange will determine.

  • Outlook 2013: You must run version 15.0.4815.1002 or later. (As of April 2020, the latest tested version is 15.0.5215.1000). To see the version in Outlook 2013, select File | Office Account | About Outlook. Also, in Epicenter Server, look under Tools | Exchange Privileges - the checkbox at the bottom for Disable mailbox location optimization must NOT be checked, despite the comment in parentheses.


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