How to copy an address book to another computer
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(Applies to Address Magic Personal and Address Magic Enterprise.)

Connected Software cannot provide technical support on the process below. However, we will provide a refund if it doesn't work for you.

Problem: You want to move an address book from one computer to another. The computers may or may not be running different email applications.
  1. Run Address Magic on the source computer.
  2. Choose your existing address book as your Source to and choose Address Magic Backup (AMI) as your destination. Make sure you note where you save the AMI file.
  3. Copy or email the AMI file to the new computer.
  4. Now use Address Magic again to convert from AMI to the final address book format. If you want to choose where the contacts are placed, click the Folder button after selecting your Destination.
  5. If you have multiple folders, you will need to repeat this process for each folder.
License Information:
Your license allows you to use Address Magic on up to two computers if you are the primary user of both computers. This means that you only need one license to move the address book to a new computer. Use the same activation code on both computers. However, if you are sending the address book to another person, that person will need his or her own license for Address Magic.

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